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Master Watson
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Kim's Tae Kwon Do is located at:
121 West Broadway
Farmington New Mexico, 87401
Phone: 505-326-2303

Class Times: Monday-      5:00 to 6:00
                                      6:00 to 7:00
                                      7:00 to 8:00
                   Tuesday-      5:30 to 7:00
                   Wednesday- 5:00 to 6:00
                                      6:00 to 7:00
                                      7:00 to 8:00
                    Thursday-   5:30 to 7:00
                    Friday -      5:00 to 6:00
                                      6:00 to 7:00
                                      7:00 to 8:00                  
Classes for students of the ages 4, 5, or 6 are held on
Tuesday and Thursday
from 5:00 to 5:30
The first Friday of every month is reserved for an upper rank workout from 6:00 to 8:00

Korean Tae Kwon Do Forms
 1.       Chon Ji Hyung                     Heaven and Earth, 19 moves + pattern  

2.       Tan Gun Hyung                 The legendary founder of Korea, 21 moves I pattern   

 3.       To San Hyung                    The patriot Ahn Chang Ho, who devoted his entire life to the education                                                                of Korea, 24 moves zig-zag pattern 

 4.       Won Hyo Hyung              Monk Who introduced Buddhism to  Korea, 28 moves I Pattern   

 5.       Yul Kok Hyung                  A great philosopher and scholar, “Confucius of Korea”, 38 movements of this pattern refer to his birthplace on the 38* latitude.  + represent scholar, full pattern 

 6.       Choon Gun Hyung           The patriot Ahn Chung Gun who  assassinated the Japanese, Governor, General of Korea, (known as the man who played the leading part of the Korea-Japan merger). 32 movements represent his age when he was executed.  

7.       Toi Gye Hyung                  Pen name of the noted scholar Yi Hwang. 37 movements refer to his birthplace on the 37* latitude. + pattern.

  8.       Hwa Rang Hyung             The youth group which originated in the Silla Dynasty about 1350 years ago, became the actual driving force behind the unification of the Kingdom of Korea. 29 moves I pattern. 

 9.       Choong Moo Hyung       The name given to the great Admiral YI Sun Sin of the YI Dynasty. He was reported to have invented the precursor of the modern day submarine. The reason why this pattern ends in a left handed attack is to symbolize his regrettable death, in battle, before he could show his full potential and loyalty to the king. 30 moves I pattern. 

 10.   Kwang Gae Hyung           The nineteenth king of the Koguyro Dynasty. He regained all the lost territories. The diagram + represent the expansion and recovery of the territory lost. The 39 movements refer to his reign of 39 years.

Korean Tae Kwon Do Basic Terminologies

 1.       Cha Ryu__________________attention

 2.       Kyong Rea ________________bow

 3.       Jwa Woo Yang Woo________face to face

Joon Bee_________________ready

 5.       See Jahk_________________begin

 6.       Baro____________________return to ready stance

 7.       Sabumnim_______________instructor

8.       Dojang__________________gym or practice area

 9.       Doh Bohk________________uniform


 11.   D’Wero Dora_____________turn around



Sunbenim_______________senior belt

Basic Movements
1.       -KI MA SO GI JOON DAN CHIRUGI_____________Low Section Punch

 2.       -KI MA SO GI SANG DAN CHIRUGI_____________High Section Punch

 3.       #AP CH OLL RI GI___________________________Front Leg Exercise

 4.       #AP CHA JI REU GI__________________________Front Snap Kick

 5.       –YOP CHA OLL RI GI_________________________Side Leg Exercise

 6.       _YOP CHA JI REU GI_________________________Side Snap Kick

 7.       *TOOYO CHA GI____________________________Turning Snap Kick

 8.       *TOLLA YOP CHA GI_________________________Turning Back Snap Kick
9.       #HA DAN MAK GI___________________________Low Section Block

 10.   #CHI KYO MAK GI___________________________Rising Block
11.   *YOP MAK GI______________________________Side Block
12.   *SOO DO CHI GI____________________________Knife Hand Strike

 13.   SOO DO MAK GI____________________________Double Knife Hand Block
14.   #SANG SOO MAK GI_________________________Double Fist Block

 15.   #AP JOONG DAN MAK GI_____________________Middle Front Block

 16.   *YOP JOONG DAN CHIRU GI___________________Middle Front Block

 17.   *PALL GOOP CHI GI__________________________Elbow Strike
#JOONG DAN KWAN SOO_____________________Low Section Knife Hand Thrust
#SANG DAN KWAN SOO______________________High Section Knife Hand Thrust

 20.   #AN MOK CHI GI_____________________________Inside Knife Hand Strike


 I will observe the tenants of Tae Kwon Do





Indomitable Spirit

I will respect the instructors and seniors

 I will never misuse Tae Kwon Do

 I will be a champion of freedom and justice

I will build a more peaceful world


 Warriors do not dress or behave ostentatiously. They wear clothes that no one notices, they act in a way that no one sees, and they speak with grace and dignity.  

When they have wealth they are not extravagant; when they have nothing, they do not fear. They do not boast in success, or complain in failure. Warriors are different, but they seem average, and none can fathom their worth. So they are called Warriors